Fiscal Conservative

Fiscal Conservative

I’ll lead the charge to balance the budget without raising taxes, hold the line on spending, and allow the American economy to expand through natural, bottom-up growth. Our district is poised for greatness. With Airbus and Austal, our single biggest private-sector employer in the district, we are already a center for aviation and shipbuilding. We have one of the fastest-expanding cargo ports in the world.  This is our magic moment and we must seize it.

government regulations

Government Regulations

Government Regulations continue to bypass Constitutional limits on federal authority and strangle state and local economies. I will work tirelessly to end the corruption and cronyism that frustrates efforts at real reform and cost-cutting – just like I did at the state level with the two-year college system. I will fight for a simpler and fairer tax code that would virtually eliminate the need for the corrupt IRS. Here at home, we need to get the federal government out of the business of telling us what fish we can catch and how many. We also must work with other coastal states and areas to form an interstate pact where we create our own reinsurance market, and lower the absurdly high wind insurance premiums for those in Mobile and Baldwin counties.

local Infrastructure

Local Infrastructure

As your Congressman, I will focus on the local Infrastructure needs of our district. For instance, we need to build a new I-10 bridge across Mobile Bay and extend the Foley Beach Express to I-65. We need secure the necessary funding to deepen and widen the Mobile ship channel, so we can realize the full potential of our cargo port. By focusing our attention on projects like these, as opposed to federal bureaucracy and waste, we can help create jobs here at home.

veterans and defense

National Defense and Veterans

Every day, another young man or woman goes into harm’s way to protect our freedoms. But we must do more – much more – to ensure our national defense and to serve and honor our veterans.  We must challenge the administration’s questionable answers to important questions. It does matter how and why four Americans died in Benghazi despite prior warnings and the victims’ pleas for help.  We do need to know exactly how much the U.S. Justice Department has expanded, in an unprecedented fashion and to an unprecedented degree, the government intrusion on our First Amendment rights. We must secure our borders and stop illegal immigration. Finally, we must step up to the plate and do the right thing for the veterans of our country and their families by being a strong advocate for constituents’ VA benefits and ensuring top-quality services at VA hospitals and nursing homes.

traditional Alabama values

Traditional Alabama Values

My faith in Christ is my foundation. Our nation faces a moral crisis, but it doesn’t have to be that way. As God called the people of Israel back time and time again we in America have the responsibility to heed His call and do His will. Our Congress can set a better example. With a focus on our traditional Alabama values, we can work together for a better America.



Our seniors have worked long years and invested into programs including Medicare and Social Security that the government promised would help secure their retirement years. They deserve – and will get – my best efforts as your Congressman to protect these investments so that they can be assured of their health and well-being.

2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment

Washington is bogged down in a fruitless debate over a gun bill which fails to address the true reason for mass tragedies. Rather than erode our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, we must look deeper and work to hold accountable the perpetrators of such slaughter. Consequences are the answer – not unconstitutional gun control.