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Posted on October 17th, 2013

Young’s past betrays phony “businessman” claim

Mobile, AL — Alex Schriver, Byrne for Congress campaign manager, released the following statement Thursday in response to false claims Dean Young made in Wednesday’s debate:

“Dean Young says voters should send him to office because he’s a ‘businessman.’ But Young’s main ‘business’ is politics — as a failed candidate, an operative and a shady fundraiser. He’s run for office three times and lost, and there’s a reason: voters can detect a shady politician when they see one.

“Young raised over a hundred thousand dollars for the reelection of a mayor, who then immediately appointed Young to public office. The mayor was soon indicted for and later convicted of concealing campaign contributions and taking bribes. Local news reports at the time raised questions about Young’s fundraising activities during the election in question.

“Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident. Young has established numerous political action committees, raised money for them, spent the vast majority of those funds on his own consulting firm, and then closed the PACs. News outlets have noted the lack of transparency surrounding his political activities.

“Young recently said of his political money schemes, ‘I do get paid for what I do, but generally not that much…I do these things because I want our country to be better.’ If that is true, Young owes Alabamians a full accounting of his various companies’ finances. Anything less, and voters can only assume what appears to be the case: Dean Young is first and foremost a profiteering political operative, not a businessman.”




  • Lost race for Secretary of State race, 2002
  • Dropped out of Lt. Governor race, 2010
  • Lost U.S. House race, 2012


  • Raised over $100,000 for former Orange Beach Mayor Steve Russo
  • “Dean Young, who raised more than $100,000 in 2004 to re-elect Russo…” (Associated Press, 1/26/06)
  • Immediately after Steve Russo was elected Mayor, he appointed Young to the Orange Beach Planning Commission
  • “…Dean Young, who was appointed by Russo to an unpaid position on the city Planning Commission immediately following the August election.” (Mobile Press-Register, 1/20/06)
  • Mayor Steve Russo was indicted for – and later convicted of – for campaign finance fraud and taking bribes
  • “Orange Beach Mayor Steve Russo was indicted Thursday on federal criminal charges that he violated Alabama elections laws by not reporting more than $33,000 in campaign contributions…[and] on state charges alleging a web of bribery…” (Mobile Press-Register, 1/20/06)
  • Young’s fundraising activities for Russo were mentioned in conjunction with a federal investigation
  • “When asked whether the amount of non-cash contributions Russo reported receiving from the Beach PAC was accurate, two federal prosecutors said only that the investigation is on going.” (Mobile Press-Register, 1/20/06)


  • Young admits he’s a professional moneyman
  • “What I do is, I will do what is extremely difficult…Yes sir, I raise money for candidates…I do get paid for what I do, but generally not that much…At the end of the day, I do these things because I want our country to be better.” (Uncle Henry Show, 10/9/13)
  • According to Alabama Secretary of State’s records, Young has started multiple PACs that paid his company the vast majority of their monies, including the Russo-connected Beach PAC:
  • “The Beach PAC spent nearly all of the money it raised with PMM Inc., the political marketing firm owned by PAC operator and former Roy Moore supporter Dean Young…” (Mobile Press-Register, 1/20/06)
  • Media outlets have noted the lack of transparency in Young’s schemes
  • “Because Young reported spending nearly all of the money with his firm, specifically how the funds were allocated is blurry.” (Mobile Press-Register, 1/20/06)