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VOTE! A good turnout at the polls will mean victory for Bradley Byrne (Our view)

Posted on November 1st, 2013


They are identical twins in their views on the crucial issues facing our country.

The two Republican candidates seeking to represent coastal Alabama in Congress both hew to the deepest conservative principles of their party.

But don’t let that be reason to stay away from the polls this Tuesday: There are stark differences between runoff candidates Bradley Byrne and Dean Young — in temperament, in experience, in achievement, and in their grasp of reality.

As chancellor of the Alabama Department of Post-Secondary Education, Bradley Byrne battled the entrenched bureaucracy of our two-year college system and turned a corrupt good ol’ boy network into a model of reform for other states to follow. As a member of the Alabama Senate and state school board, he took on the then-mighty Alabama Education Association, championing K-12 education reforms.

Dean Young’s most notable achievement? More condominiums at Orange Beach. After moving to the Gulf Coast from upstate, Young served as a political operative for real estate developers. He formed the Beach Political Action Committee in 2004 to bankroll pro-development candidates like then-Mayor Steve Russo, who rewarded Young with a seat on the Orange Beach Planning Commission.

As we said in our endorsement editorial back in September, Bradley Byrne “has the depth and breadth of experience, the leadership skills, a track record of consensus building as well as the critically important mastery of the political martial arts.”

Dean Young? Aside from raising money for political candidates, he’s been off the grid.

Bradley Byrne’s favorite U.S. senator is Jeff Sessions.

Dean Young’s favorite senator is Ted Cruz, and Young has said that Obamacare is a “hill to die on.” He speaks in overwrought, breathless terms about what he is going to do to stop deficit spending, even if it means driving our country over the fiscal cliff.

Bradley Byrne believes Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

Dean Young believes Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

Bradley Byrne is endorsed by two guys we’ve already sent to Congress — Jack Edwards and Jo Bonner — because they know what it takes to fight for south Alabama’s prosperity.

Dean Young would go to Washington to fight for the greater glory of Dean Young. He would swagger onto the floor of Congress waving a Don’t Tread On Me banner. He would be on national TV a lot, but he would do absolutely nothing for Alabama’s 1st Congressional District.

Political experts in both camps agree that a low voter turnout will mean victory for Young because his Tea Party supporters are highly energized. A moderate turnout would result in a landslide for Byrne. (Only about 12 percent of the electorate voted in the first run, when nine candidates were on the ballot.)

Don’t let apathy win. Vote. Then make sure your family members, friends and neighbors go to the polls. If we do that, the right person will win this Tuesday.

If we don’t, we’ll deserve what we get.