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Red Snapper Debate Continues

Posted on August 26th, 2014


Back during red snapper season you may remember everybody who caught red snapper had to report how many they caught and how big they were when they got back to the dock. Well all those numbers have been compiled and we have the results and the results may surprise you.

Nine days, that is all anglers had to catch their limit of one of the most popular fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

It was also the first time Alabama anglers were required to report their catch.

“It’s accurate. It was easy to report,” says charter captain Ben Fairey. 

But the number of fish the state says were caught and what the federal government says were caught aren’t even close.

“The Alabama numbers showed 418 thousand pounds of red snapper through the month of June and the federal reporting program showed a million, 41 thousand, 121 pounds.” Director of Alabama Marine Resources Division Chris Blankenship says that discrepancy underlines the problem they have been battling for years, bad science. 

Fairey agrees, “The data that we’ve gotten from it is extremely important for us to be able to stand up to the federal government and say this is what is actually being caught.”

Blankenship hopes the state numbers strengthens the move for the state to manage it’s own red snapper stock. 

“As we move forward see if we can use our system of red snapper reporting instead of the federal system to determine the length of the season and other management factors.”

All this data does not include the information from the state season that was held in July just here here in Alabama. Those figures should be ready by October.